Policy Analysis and Asset Valuation

Studies performed prior to May 2016 refer to Enelytix as pCloudAnalytics.

  • The SB 350 studied whether the transformation of the California Independent System Operator into a regional organization would provide benefits to California and its ratepayers. Enelytix was the primary tool used to evaluate operating cost savings, reduction of pollutants and the ability to integrate renewable resources in a WECC-wide region. Read more about the report here.
  • A study presented at the Wartsila Flexible Power Symposium on the value of flexible generation in the ERCOT market. Enelytix was used to explore the role of reciprocating engines as part of the future ERCOT supply mix. Enelytix made it possible to simulate the dynamic operation of real markets. Most models do not do this and therefore cannot capture the value of flexible generation like reciprocating engines. Additionally, the scalability of the Enelytix cloud-based environment made it possible to run PSO studies efficiently and to obtain results from any number of desired scenarios simultaneously. Read more about the study here.
  • EPRI conducted a study with the support of CAISO to evaluate reserve procurement policies in WECC. Enelytix was used to simulate stochastic reserve procurement in anticipation of dynamic system conditions such as wind ramping and uncertain production of load. Using a full WECC model with 2,000 generators, 46 zones and 27 regions, a two day rolling horizon stochastic simulation with 626 commitment and dispatch runs was performed in less than 1 hour. This initial study found that through dynamic procurement of load following Up and Down reserves, overall efficiency in WECC would be improved. Read more about the findings here.
  • The research team led by Newton Energy Group uses Enelytix to study the co-optimization and coordination of natural gas and electric networks as a part of a two-year project sponsored by ARPA-E: Project overview