• Comprehensively Valuing Battery Storage in California – The Brattle Group conducted a study of the potential economic benefits of energy storage in California under a contract with Eos through funding from the California Energy Commission. Enelytix was used to assess battery storage value under a broad range of California-specific market conditions and system costs observed between 2013 and 2016. The study accounted for the value of avoided energy, generation capacity (i.e., resource adequacy), transmission and distribution capacity, and ancillary services. The study found that in many cases, the “stacked” benefits of battery storage compare favorably to recent estimates of new battery costs.
  • The Value of Distributed Electricity Storage in Texas– As projections for the installed cost of battery systems is dropping, Oncor Electric Delivery Company wanted to explore the economics of grid integrated storage deployment in Texas.

    Enelytix was used to calculate expected realized system costs and wholesale energy and ancillary-service revenues under various weather conditions. The study found that while there were significant benefits from storage deployment, storage investments could not be undertaken at an efficient scale solely by merchant developers in the Texas wholesale market.
  • Planning for High Levels of Renewable Penetration– A study that describes best practices and lessons learned from efficient and reliable integration of renewables for the Carribean island systems. Enelytix was used to study the operational flexibility of wind, solar, battery and flywheel technologies. Simulations were performed to evaluate the impacts on regulation needs, system flexibility to accomodate renewable ramps, contingency events, minimum thermal generation requirements and renewable curtailments. In small island systems, operational dynamics have a significant impact on planning decisions and Enelytix was the primary tool used to explicitly value these dynamics.