ENELYTIX Solutions

Renewable Integration Studies

ENELYTIX offers unique capabilities for renewable integration studies through the use of decision cycles, sub-hourly simulation and the explicit modeling of the impact of uncertainty and variability of renewable resources on power system operations. Data support includes 5-minute wind profiles based on historical weather scenarios for thousands of locations.

Nodal and Zonal Market Simulations

Our users rely extensively on parallel computing capabilities of ENELYTIX to rapidly obtain results of nodal, zonal and hybrid simulations of electricity markets. ENELYTIX supports these simulations with ready to run data for RTO markets and service territories under traditional regulation in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Asset Valuation

A multi-scenario approach and automatic scenario generation, combined with short turn-around simulation times make ENELYTIX uniquely suitable for valuing individual generation assets, physical portfolios as well as hybrid portfolios including physical assets, tolling contracts and power purchasing agreements.

Regional Policy Analysis and Market Design

ENELYTIX agile modeling of system operation under specific market attributes make is extremely helpful in regional policy analyses market design studies.
Transmission Studies

With its unique capabilities to model dynamic changes in transmission topologies, ENELYTIX is instrumental in transmission studies ranging from modeling the effect of transmission maintenance schedules to the assessment of economic benefits of transmission expansion projects. ENELYTIX computes a full spectrum of benefit metrics used in regional studies.

Portfolio Operation and Profitability

Market simulations combined with OLAP capabilities of the Power Market Explorer (PME) turns ENELYTIX into a unique online tool for developing user-configurable portfolios of assets and exploring their physical performance and financial profitability under a user defined range of scenarios.

Ancillary Services

ENELYTIX offers users full control in defining the scope, requirements for, and market procurement of, ancillary services. When combined with decision cycle modeling, users can explicitly value uncertainty in market operations, observed through a deployment of reserves and its impact on prices and costs.

ENELYTIX Features under development
  • Integrated Modeling of Gas and Power Market Operation
  • Combined Generation and Transmission Capacity Expansion
  • Network Topology Optimization
  • Energy Trading Support
If you are interested in learning more about these features or partcipating in a pilot study, please Contact Us.