GECO ENELYTIX is the first of its kind modeling environment for realistic simulation and co-optimization of multi-day and intra-day operations of the electric and natural gas networks. Electric systems are modeled using an optimization engine performing Security Constrained Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch (SCUC and SCED). Natural gas systems are modeled using dynamic optimization of physical flows of gas within the pipeline network.

GECO ENELYTIX can realistically assess the physical impact of day-ahead scheduling and real-time dispatch of gas-fired electric generators on the operation of natural gas pipelines serving these generators. Similarly, the modeling can assess and anticipate day-ahead and real-time demand for natural gas of connected generating units and pipeline's ability to meet that demand day-ahead and in real-time.

​With GECO ENELYTIX users can model alternative market mechanisms for co-optimization of electric and natural gas systems and markets. These mechanisms are based on the exchange of highly granular economic information between gas and electric systems. The development and timely exchange of such information is made possible by using realistic physics-based optimization engines both on the electric and gas side.