The Enelytix Leadership Team

ENELYTIX is a suite of services redefining the business of energy modeling. Designed to help users run this business reliabily and efficiently, Enelytix is as a result of the partnership between Newton Energy Group (NEG) and Polaris Systems Optimization We bring together a unique set of expertise in energy market consulting, software development and the design and implementation of market simulators.


Alex has more than 30 years of experience in energy economics, regulatory policy, and quantitative analyses of market fundamentals for electric power, natural gas and crude oil production and supply. Alex has managed projects and directed studies involving complex modeling of energy systems with applications to valuation of generation and transmission assets; price forecasting and development of forward curves; market design; theoretical analysis of markets for electric energy, capacity, ancillary services, financial transmission rights and marginal losses; and analyses of market power and mitigation measures.


Russ is a leading expert in the application of mixed-integer programming to security constrained unit commitment and economic dispatch and the deployment of these capabilities in market management systems (MMS) and energy management systems (EMS) of large utilities in the U.S. and internationally.


John is an expert in systems engineering with a background in computer science and economics. Over the past 10 years his focus has been on data mining, warehousing and application of high performance computing to optimizing software processes related to economic market modeling. His consulting activities include include generation and transmission valuation, wind integration studies, analysis of market power, resource adequacy and many others.


Rafael has 18 years of experience in designing and delivering Market Management software to North American and international ISOs/RTOs. Prior to joining the ENELYTIX team, he served in various positions at Alstom Grid (later GE Grid Solutions) including Global Director of Market Management Systems delivery and Global R&D Director for Market Management Systems and Demand Response Management Systems. Dr. Castro led or contributed to projects with PJM, MISO, SPP, ISO New England, and California ISO. He holds a Ph.D. in Power Engineering from the University of Manchester, in the U.K.


Brent joined the ENELYTIX team in 2015 to lead business development and market efforts. He was formerly with Ventyx and predecessors for 26 years.