Productivity and Scalability

Energy market modeling is a business that requires a combination of software, hardware and trained personnel. Our staff have over a decade of experience in modeling energy markets and understand the pain points our customers face with existing technologies. We built ENELYTIX to help you run this business efficiently through a scalable, cloud-based approach. ENELYTIX delivers scalability in both hardware and software to improve efficiency



By leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), ENELYTIX removes the burden of managing IT resources. You no longer have to replace old hardware or plan downtime to perform maintenance. All compute resources used in simulations are identical and provisioned on-demand to deliver consistent performance. There is no technological limit to the number of simulations you can run at once.


To take advantage of the virtually unlimited computational power of AWS, ENELYTIX gives you the power to manage many simulations at once. Simulator input files can be generate in bulk from a database, validated and run in parallel with only a few clicks. Simulation results are loaded into a database or OLAP Cube and analyzed side-by-side using Excel PivotTables, PivotCharts or custom queries. Updating reports is as simple as refreshing a PivotTable. Our usage based pricing makes this scalability affordable.

Productivity Gain

ENELYTIX lets you do more with less. Design, manage and run more simulations with less time. With ENELYTIX you
  • Reduce the turn-around time for simulations and do more in an hour than your competition can do in a day
  • Improve productivity by leveraging automated run management and post processing
  • Transparently and accurately represent all market resources and processes using a state-of-the-art simulator. No need to spend time on complex and unpredictable approximations